Bands that FM supports

The bands that I support on this site are those that play rock music that ROCKS! That includes: classic rock, hard rock and and most genres of metal from the late 60's to today and bands that play some or all original music that ROCKS! .There will be a few exceptions to this.

What I don't like and will not support are bands that play this music: country, rap, hip hop, funk, reggae, ska, pop music that Y-94 plays, music that sounds like the Dave Mathews band, "hippy bands" or any music that was once considered "alternative"!!! . A few songs in a night I can tolerate but half the set list or more I will not. For metal, I don't like black metal, traditional (cookie monster) death metal, rap metal, or some of the new metal that has screaming vocals throughout the songs.

I don't get paid by the bars or bands to do this site so I am going to promote the music that I like. If your favorite bands are not listed then maybe you should start your own site!

There are a lot of really good bands in this area that I don't like because of what they play. I would rather hear a good band play great songs than a great band play songs that suck!

If you have or know of a band that you think meets the format of, drop me an email, or better yet contact me on Facebook with your site link or a description of what your band plays with a list of songs if you play covers and if I like what I see I will add your link and dates to my site.

The Band List